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Hampton Jitney has partnered with Via ride share to provide the best experience to get to/from Laguarda or JFK airports to/from our Queens Airport Connection. In order to take advantage of the specially priced Via promo code, you will need the Via App, available here. The App will be used once you are ready for Via to transport you to or from our Hampton Jitney stops. Your Hampton Jitney/Via promo code can be used any time, but is only valid for trips between the airports and the Jitney Queens stops. The code will not be honored for any other trip destinations. To use, just download the app, set up your Via account, and book your Via trip using the HJ pre-paid promo code.

Need additional help? Visit the Via support site.


Is this how I will transfer to or from the Hampton Jitney stop locations and the JFK or LaGuardia airports?
  • It is to and From JFK or LGA as well as to/from all NYC Hampton Jitney Stop Locations. You will need to purchase a Via discount code at the time of your Hampton Jitney reservation. You will be prompted after you have booked your Hampton Jitney reservation to purchase your Via transfer.
Where do I purchase my Via Airport connection ride?
  • You will purchase your Via Airport connection ride on Hampton Jitney reservations after you have purchased your Hampton Jitney ride. You will be given a unique code to use when booking your Via ride at the Airport connection. Via codes can only be purchased while making your airport connection reservations.
Do I need to purchase a code to use Via in NYC to get to or from a Hampton Jitney stop?
  • When you book your Hampton Jitney ride to or from NYC you will be given a unique code to use when booking your Via ride. This code is good for 5% off your Via ride to and from Hampton Jitney stops only.
Will I need to down load the app?
  • Yes, the app is needed to book your Via Reservation. You can download the App from the App store or at ridewithvia.com
What is the cost of the Via ride to/from the airport?
  • JFK - $29 Plus Tax per person
  • LGA - $24 Plus Tax per person
Where and when do I enter the Via Code in the Via app?
  • You can enter the promo code anytime BEFORE you request your ride. To enter the promo code, click on the 3 bar menu at the top left of the Via app and select "Promo Codes".
When do I request my Via ride?
  • You should request your Via ride approximately 10 minutes prior to arriving at our airport connection. When requesting a ride from an airport, please make the request after gathering your luggage. Make sure that you have entered your promo code before requesting your ride.
Are there additional luggage charges?
  • No
What if my flight is late arriving and I miss my Jitney ride?
  • The Via code you purchased is good for any ride, anytime to the applicable airport stop.
What if I cancel my Jitney reservation?
  • If you cancel your Jitney reservation, standard cancellation fees will apply to your Hampton Jitney purchase. There are no refunds on purchased Via promo codes, however, the Via code you purchased is good for one ride, anytime between the applicable airport to or from our airport stop.
What if I change my Jitney reservation?
  • If you change your Jitney reservation, do not repurchase a Via code. Your original Via code is good for any ride, anytime between the applicable airport from our airport stop. Via codes are not refundable or returnable.
I forgot to order my Via code when I made my Hampton Jitney Reservation. How can I add a Via code to the Hampton Jitney reservation?
  • Just go back into the reservations system and 'edit' your reservation. You will be given the option to purchase your Via promo code prior to finalizing your reservation.
I got two confirmation emails. Why?
  • You will get a standard Hampton Jitney reservation confirmation and a special email with your Via promo code that identifies that your Via ride is prepaid.
How do I make my Via reservation to the airport?
  • This can only be done through the Via App. When you are approaching the bus stop use your Via app to make your reservation. We recommend making the reservation ten minutes from reaching your stop.
How do I make my Via reservation to the Hampton Jitney stop?
  • This can only be done through the Via App. When you are ready to leave the airport use your Via app to request your ride. If you are traveling from LGA/JFK your destination address will be 19002 Horace Harding Expy, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365. If you are traveling to LGA/JFK your pickup address will be 13847 Horace Harding Expressway, Queens, NY 11355. --
Who do I contact if I have an issue with my Via ride?
  • Contact Customer Service on the Via App.