South Fork Commuter Connection

The South Fork Commuter Connection (SFCC) is a coordinated rail and bus system created to operate during peak commuting hours, in order to provide workers with a public transportation option to travel.

This service starts March 4th, 2019. It will operate Monday through Friday year round, except for major legal holidays and Fridays during the summer.

The service offers local LIRR trips, stopping in Speonk, Westhampton, Hampton Bays, Southampton, Bridgehampton, East Hampton, Amagansett, and Montauk.

Commuters west of the canal are encouraged to park at an LIRR station west of the canal, then ride the train to their destination east of the canal. At the stations east of the canal, ‘Last mile’ shuttle services will bring riders to the Villages, hamlets and employment centers. Late afternoon bus and train services will return riders to their stations of origin.

The LIRR fare is $4.25 each way, which includes the train ride and local ‘last mile’ shuttle services. For complete details please see the FAQ section below.

Fare Information:

The fare is $4.25 one way for any travel between Speonk and Montauk. Tickets may be purchased at the stations listed below, using the ticket vending machines. Tickets are good in either direction and are valid for 60 days from the date of purchase. We strongly encourage riders to purchase two tickets at the time of purchase to simplify travel.

The train ticket will be a two-part ticket. One part will be collected by the train conductor to pay for the train ride. The second part of the ticket must be given to the shuttle bus driver prior to boarding the shuttle.

Stations with ticket vending machines:    Speonk; Hampton Bays; Southampton; Bridgehampton; East Hampton; Montauk

PARKING WEST OF THE CANAL:    There is plenty of free parking at the Speonk and Westhampton train station lots for commuters. Free parking is also available in Hampton Bays along Good Ground Rd. adjacent to the HB train station; and the Town is creating additional parking adjacent to the railroad off of Ponquogue Avenue. Please do not park in private and/or commercial parking lots near the station.

PARKING EAST OF THE CANAL:    Regulations are in place at most of the station parking lots east of the canal. If you are considering parking in one of these lots, please contact the municipality in which the lot is located for more information.


1. Can I buy multiple tickets?
Package Ticket Includes:
  • One-way rail ticket
  • Voucher for SFCC bus
  • Adult price is $4.25 for each package

SFCC package tickets are available for sale from Bellport to Montauk at LIRR stations with open ticket windows and full service (gray/blue colors) ticket vending machines (TVM’s) – package tickets are not sold through eTix, MTA’s mobile ticket App. To purchase tickets from TVM’s, select “Deals & Getaways” on the main screen, then “Long Island Getaways” followed by selecting “South Fork Commuter Connection.” You will be asked to choose your departing station only. Since SFCC package tickets are valid for travel between Bellport and Montauk, the TVM’s will default to Montauk as the destination station.

Customers are encouraged to purchase two packages at the same time to use one rail/bus combo for the return trip. Tickets are valid for 60 days from the date of sale and each combo package is refundable for 60 days from date of sale (subject to a $10 refund processing fee per transaction, including multiple ticket purchased together in one transaction). Customers can purchase multiple tickets each time. A maximum of 24 tickets can be purchased in a 24hr period by credit card, while there is no ticket limit when paying with cash.

The LIRR has offered to provide employers with tickets in bulk that can be packaged into ticket books for sale/distribution to their employees. For more information on how this can be arranged, please call 631-702-1753.

2. My normal work schedule or work location does not align with the train & bus services offered. What can I do?

Employers and employees all over the South Fork have varying work schedules and work out of a variety of locations. The Towns can help provide guidance on how to arrange ‘flex hour’ schedules for employees and discuss options on employer involved local job site transportation ideas.

The 511NY Rideshare Team (GRP)

The GRP serves as a back-up plan for regular ridesharing members who miss their carpool, vanpool or public transit option from work due to an unexpected emergency. During these unexpected situations, 511NY Rideshare will cover the cost of a taxi from work for members who commute sustainably three or more times per week.

Questions? Email Lainey Benson, Local GRP Administrator, at

3. What happens if there is bad weather?

Service disruptions could possibly occur under extreme weather situations such as severe snowstorms or other major events. The LIRR and the Towns will be proactive in providing advance notice of any expected changes in service through local media as well as electronic/social media.

4. How do I get timely updated information about the South Fork Commuter Connection service?

The LIRR and the Towns will provide notice of any service changes via our websites and social media. We encourage anyone who uses, or may use these services to sign up for information updates via these outlets: Sign up for NOTIFY ME SFCC - News and notification on the Town of Southampton Website and/or our Southampton Town Facebook

5. Can I use the South Fork Commuter Connection bus shuttle if I take a different train other than the SFCC schedule?

No, bus shuttle vouchers can only be purchased with SFCC tickets and cannot be purchased separately. The shuttle is available only for connecting trains (please check posted SFCC schedules).

6. Can I use the South Fork Commuter Connection ticket on LIRR trips that are not designated as SFCC trips?

The ticket you purchase is valid on any LIRR trip, however connecting shuttle bus services are only available on the SFCC designated trips.

BRIDGEHAMPTON / SAG HARBOR - Morning Schedule - 1st Shuttle:

  • LIRR arrival/shuttle pick up - 6:53am
  • Bridgehampton School - 7:05am
  • Pierson High School (Jermain Ave.) - 7:20am
  • Sag Harbor Main Street (Movie Theator) - 7:30am

BRIDGEHAMPTON / SAG HARBOR - Morning Schedule - 2nd Shuttle:

  • LIRR arrival/shuttle pick up - 8:46am
  • Corwith Ave/Montauk Highway - 8:50am
  • Bridgehampton Commons (Access road @ Panera) - 8:55am
  • School Street/Montauk Highway - 9:10am

BRIDGEHAMPTON / SAG HARBOR - Afternoon Schedule - 1st Shuttle:

  • Sag Hrbor Main Street (Firehouse) - 2:45pm
  • Pierson High School (Jermain Ave.) - 2:55pm
  • Bridgehampton School - 3:10pm
  • LIRR departs Bridgehampton - 3:21pm

BRIDGEHAMPTON / SAG HARBOR - Afternoon Schedule - 2nd Shuttle:

  • Sag Hrbor Main Street (Firehouse) - 4:45pm
  • Pierson High School (Jermain Ave.) - 4:50pm
  • Bridgehampton Commons (Access road @ Panera) - 5:10pam
  • School Street/Montauk Highway - 5:18pm
  • LIRR departs Bridgehampton - 5:23pm


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